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Diabetes Counts Network Web Launch Press Release


To increase its outreach, Diabetes Counts launches this new website. The site, an interactive way for the organization to connect, inform and provide resources to type 1 families, includes information about the annual events, medical and carb-counting resources, and a blog to help young people further interact. Families are encouraged to register for events directly from the Events Detail page, and for those choosing to donate, Diabetes Counts links directly to the Community Hospital Foundation’s secure web server.

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Diabetes Counts Network Annual Golf Tournament

The annual golf tournament is our largest fundraiser of the year! This year’s goal is $17,000.00. All funds raised benefit the programs outlined throughout the year. Come enjoy a fun afternoon at Adobe Creek National Golf Course for 18 holes of golf, food, drinks, prizes, all for a much-needed cause. Young people with type1 diabetes, children and their families depend on your participation.

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An Audio Recording from The Grand Valley Report


Hear an informative two-minute news report by Libby Pelletier from 2015.

Recent Discoveries and Advancements in type 1 diabetes


CU Scientists Make Major Discovery In Type 1 Diabetes

AURORA, Colo (CBS4) – A University of Colorado research team is featured in the journal Science for making a major discovery in Type 1 diabetes. The scientists have pinpointed one potential cause of the disease.


“We’ve been studying T cells in Type 1 diabetes,” said Thomas Delong, a research assistant professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.


T cells are part of the immune system. Their job is to kill foreign cells in the body to fight off disease. In the bodies of Type 1 diabetics, T cells are known to kill healthy insulin producing cells, called beta cells. Without the insulin producing cells, the body has trouble processing sugars. Delong and his team wanted to know why the immune system attacks healthy, beneficial cells.


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Could Type 1 diabetes be cured by mini-stomachs 'grown' in a lab?

Diabetes affects around 400 million people across the world. But a potential new treatment has now been identified that tricks stem cells from the stomach into becoming insulin-producing 'mini organs'.


The discovery could one day enable such mini organs to be transplanted into a diabetic's body, effectively curing them of the condition.


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New Discoveries and Advancements in type 1 diabetes


New transplant technique frees European man with type 1 diabetes from insulin

A 41-year-old man with type 1 diabetes has become the first patient in Europe to come off insulin using a new technique developed by the Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) at the University of Miami.


People with diabetes have been able to come off insulin for several years through other forms of islet cell transplantation, but DRI hopes their BioHub platform will significantly improve outcomes using their technique.


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Artificial Pancreas: What You Should Know

Although ‘Artificial Pancreas’ sounds like a single appliance that you would just plug into your body, the fact is: we are not there yet.


It’s taken researchers decades to get to the point where they can connect various diabetes devices, using a combination of cables and wireless technology, to create a system that can mimic what a healthy pancreas does, by monitoring glucose levels and delivering insulin as needed


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